About Our Team

BuyBox is a real estate investment company based out of Pittsburgh. Our team of professionals has decades of collective experience buying, renovating, selling, and managing homes. We have industry-leading expertise and an unparalleled reputation for client care, integrity, and service.

Are you in a sticky situation (like foreclosure, divorce, house needing repairs, probate, or anything else that is motivating you to act)? Whether we are buying your home or connecting you with a specialty agent to help you sell your home, we are eager to learn about you and what you need to accomplish and help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Meet the Team

Dan McCloskey
Partner / COO

Dan began his career with Verizon where he learned how to develop people and processes. Prior to founding BuyBox, Dan spent four years as the Vice President of Operations for Bevan Properties LLC, a real estate brokerage, during which time he restructured the organization, hired and trained all new staff, and implemented a suite of enterprise software solutions to digitize processes for the business.

Prior to Bevan, Dan was the Vice President of Product and Operations for FifthWall, a specialty cyber-risk management company focused on delivering a comprehensive big-business solution to small-to-medium-sized organizations. Drawing on his experience in both large corporate settings and the start-up environment, Dan is responsible for building our operations for scale.

Dan graduated from Grove City College where he studied business management. He resides in Grove City with his wife, Stephanie, and their two children.

Dave Caruso
Partner / CFO

Dave leverages his prior consulting and industry experience to help organizations achieve success – primarily during phases of startup, significant growth, transformation, and seller exit. Dave has experience across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors from his time in professional services and corporate roles, which allows him to quickly grasp complex business challenges while driving stakeholder value.

Dave started his career at the global accounting and consulting firm Deloitte in 2004 where he spent 10 years before moving to a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. After nearly four years and progressing from Director to Senior Director, he then worked as Vice President of M&A and Strategy for the founder and CEO of a global technology services firm. In 2018, Dave founded his own management consulting business where he held roles such as COO and CIO for clients in the lower middle market.

As an entrepreneur and real estate investor, Dave now owns and operates multiple businesses: a logistics company that serves Amazon, an information services firm in the legal and accounting industry, and most recently, BuyBox.

Dave graduated from Penn State University with a major in information technology and a minor in business. He resides in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with his wife and son.

Arron Groomes

Luke Tincha
Finance & Administration

Jake Lee
Field Analyst

Micah List

Our Principles

Our work together is worthy of our absolute best, and that is what we give each day. Doing our best each day means doing even better than the day before.

We acknowledge mistakes, we take responsibility for them, and we make sure we don’t leave them until we have learned what we needed to learn and have made whatever changes are necessary to never make the same one again.

We involve as few teammates as needed in execution, and we involve as many teammates as possible in communication.

Integrity demands that we say what we mean and we mean what we say. In every relationship – with ourselves, with one another and with others outside our team – we are careful about the commitments we make, we actively listen to make sure we have a shared understanding of what has been committed, and we are fanatical about doing what we agreed we would do.

We seek out and grow relationships with external stakeholders in which we look not only to our own interests, but also to the interests of our partners.

We are a team of servants; each of us serves one another, encourages one another, challenges one another and celebrates one another.

As individuals and as a team, we devote time and effort every week to sharpening our skills and expanding our capacity.

Living out our principles does not depend upon favorable external circumstances. We accept what we cannot control and focus our energies on what we can, knowing that what matters is not the external event but rather the response we choose

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